Picture of Yin Yang Holiday Vases

Yin Yang Holiday Vases

Make it a harmonious holiday season with these Yin Yang Holiday Vases, perfect for showcasing your favorite Christmastime flowers! Combine Duncan Oh Four™ Harmony Vases with OS™ nonfired colors for an elegant look. Use them as a centerpiece during Christmas dinner or display on your mantle or coffee table for a stylish conversation piece.


  1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove dust.
  2. Pour puddle of Crimson onto foil and sponge color inside vases. Brush in difficult areas to reach. Let dry.
  3. Trace bow pattern onto a piece of contact paper. Cut out bow with crafter’s knife, leaving sides intact. Remove backing and adhere to center of one side of the vase. Refer to photo.
  4. Using painter’s tape, tape off a 1 ½” strip around center of vase, beginning on one side of bow and meeting with bow on other side. Wrap tape around other vase in same section, making sure the two strips align when both vases are placed together.
  5. On another sheet of foil pour puddle of Ivory. Sponge or brush paint on vases, leaving bow and taped off area unpainted. Let dry.
  6. Remove tape from the ribbon section but leave the bow stencil in tact.
  7. Trace several holly leaves on contact paper and cut out with craft knife. Leave at least a 1” margin around leaves and cut out stencil with craft knife.
  8. Remove backing from holly stencils and place randomly around both vases. Refer to picture.
  9. Pour puddle of Gold onto foil. Sponge lightly around outer edges of holly stencils, then center of stencil. Remove stencils. Let dry.
  10. Using No. 4 Liner Brush and Gold, paint fine stem line down center of holly leaves. Let dry.
  11. Sponge randomly and lightly around leaves with the gold to add color to the white background. Let dry.
  12. On clean piece of foil, pour puddle of Crimson and a small dot of Black.
  13. Remove bow stencil. Using the No. 6 Round Brush, paint ribbon and bow with the Crimson. Let dry.
  14. Using the No. 6 Round Brush, mix a small amount of Black into the Crimson to darken and define the bow. Refer to picture and pattern and paint darkened Crimson onto vase. Let dry.
  15. Transfer scroll design onto the ribbon and bow by placing graphite paper between vase and pattern and tracing over the lines. Use liner brush to paint over design with the Gold. If desired, freehand. Dry.
  16. Use wood end of glaze brush dipped in gold to make dots randomly around vases. Dry.
  17. Finish with a spray of sealer inside and outside of vases for a rich finish.


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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Container for water
  • Contact paper
  • Pencil
  • Graphite paper
  • Crafter’s knife
  • Painter’s tape
  • Craft sponge
  • Foil