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Wavy Vase

Modern contemporary vases combine the unexpected—a delicate crackled finish and free-flowing crystals form an artistic presentation for your favorite florals.


  1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove any dust.
  2. Thin Envision Clear™ Glaze to light-cream consistency and roll inside each vase. Pour out excess glaze.
  3. Use Fan brush to apply 2 flowing coats of Clear Crackles™ Glaze to outside of medium vase (except bottom) and to inside wavy area of smaller vase. Allow to dry. The glaze develops crackle pattern while cooling in kiln and will continue long after firing.
  4. Stir Caramel Latte Crystals™ Glaze without disturbing crystals. Use Flat Translucent brush to apply 2 coats to inside top of medium vase.  For third coat, mix in crystals in jar and apply to same areas. Also apply some crystals to lowest opening of vase (they’ll flow slightly along outside during firing).
  5. Stilt and glaze fire to shelf cone 06.
  6. Use Fan brush to apply Black to crackled areas, then wipe back with damp sponge, leaving color in crackled areas only.


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What you need:


  • Sponge for antiquing