Picture of Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Discover a whole new world of creativity with a wash of Renaissance Glazes™ Deep Sea Treasure over brilliant Concepts® Underglazes.


  1. Surface was textured with a wooden comb and a brush handle. Bisque fired to cone 06 to accept Concepts® Underglazes.
  2. Brush strokes of Concepts® Dark Kelp, Really Red, Dark Grape and Dark Delft were applied directly to bisque with a No. 8 Round. The product was allowed to thoroughly dry.
  3. Wax resist was applied to the bisque where the lid contacts the base and allowed to dry.
  4. Two coats of Deep Sea Treasure were applied to piece with a No. 6 Fan Glaze and allowed to dry.
  5. Dry footed and fired to cone 5 with the lid in place.
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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Artists choice of stoneware or porcelain clay body, bisque fired to cone 06.