Picture of Toddler Tea Cups and Saucers

Toddler Tea Cups and Saucers


1. Clean greenware.

2. Using both SB 806 #6 Round and SB 808 #4 Round, apply three coats of CC 101 Artic White to upper half of middle section of all pieces, lid knobs, centers of saucers and inside of cups.

3. Apply three coats of CC 150 Medium Green to lids, lower half of middle sections of all pieces, rims of saucers, and fluted edges of all pieces.

4. Apply three coats of CC 109 Sunset Pink to all handles and raised bands.

5. Load cotton swab with CC 109 Sunset Pink, side load in CC 140 Morocco Red and tip in CC 101 Artic White. Create roses by setting cotton swab to surface and turning to give a swirled effect.

6. Leaves are created by using a press, pull and lift stroke with the SB 802 #1 Liner loaded with CC 150 Medium Green.

7. Load the Liner with CC 101 Artic White and create cross-hatched lines on lower half of Medium Green areas.

8. Detail leaves with the Liner and EZ 028 Leaf Green.

9. Add dots of CC 101 Artic White to fluted areas. Load handle end of Liner once to complete each group of descending dots.

10. Fire pieces to shelf cone 04.

11. Thin IN 1001 Clear to a milk consistency and roll the inside of all pieces. Use the SB 807 #6 Fan Glaze to apply two coats unthinned glaze to the outside of pieces.

12. Let dry and fire to shelf cone 06.
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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Duncan Mold, Toddler Saucers (2) (DM 2372) and Toddler Tea Cups (2) (DM 2371)
  • Cotton swabs