Picture of The Perfect Slice

The Perfect Slice

Make fractions fun with painted pizza slices on the Duncan® Oh Four® Coupe Dinner Plate! Work your way to the perfect slice of creativity with Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes and Duncan® French Dimensions™.


1. Wipe ware with a damp sponge to remove any bisque dust.

2. Lightly mark off a ¾” thick waving band around outer edge of plate to create rolled pizza crust.

3. Use the Fan Glaze to apply three flowing coats of Light Ginger onto the backside of plate and the ¾” wavy band created in step 2. Let dry between coats.

4. Brush three coats of Ginger Sprinkles onto the inside area of plate, butting the color up against the previously applied Light Ginger.

5. Water load the No. 6 Round then heavily side load with Bright Ginger. Shade around the inner area of the crust. Press Round firmly against the ware and make sure the color side of bristles rest against the Light Ginger. Complete step twice.

6. Load brush in the same way and working on the diagonal, add folds to the crust of pizza, pressing brush firmly and creating a soft folded are to the crust. Complete step twice.

7. Place Really Red Sprinkles on palette. Spread the color out with Palette Knife. (Color is spread out to ensure proper loading of the sponge tool.)

8. Using a small-sized Sponge Pouncer, press into the spread out Really Red, fully loading Pouncer with color then gently tap the loaded tool onto a clean area of the foil to off load color. Gently press the Pouncer onto center of plate to create pepperoni. Reload as needed and proceed to randomly place “pepperoni pieces” on the center of plate. Apply two coats of color onto each pepperoni piece.

9. On paint palette, mix two parts Bright Briarwood and one part Black together with Palette Knife, creating black-brown mix.

10. Use scissor and craft knife to cut out the center of a mini-size Sponge Pouncer, creating a jagged circular outline around the edge that will be used to create “olives” on pizza plate.

11. Load the altered Sponge Pouncer with the black-brown mix and tap in two coats of the mix, forming black olive slices all over the plate.

12. Use ruler and pencil to divide the plate in half. Divide one half of one of the halves into half, creating two quarter segments. Divide one of the quarter segments in half as well.

13. Shake the Black Licorice French Dimensions™ bottle to force the color down into the tip. Holding the bottle like a pencil, pull in long dotted lines over the marked off penciled lines. Allow to dry.

14. Add numerical fractions to each segment of the pizza, denoting ½, ¼ and 1/8 segments. Note: There are two 1/8 segments.

15. Allow piece to dry completely.

16. Using the Fan Glaze, apply one coat of Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze over the entire plate, front and back.

17. Allow to dry 24 hours.

18. Stilt both pieces and fire to shelf or witness cone 06.

19. Remove stilt marks with stilt stone or Dremel Tool.

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What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Foil or foam plate for palette
  • Water container
  • Craft knife
  • Craft sponge
  • Pencil
  • Paper towels
  • Ruler