Picture of Spiral Dinnerware

Spiral Dinnerware

Bold and beautiful. Create a unique dinnerware set with Concepts and French Dimensions.


1. Clean greenware, using TL 401 Cleanup. Smooth out with dampened sponge. Fire to shelf cone 04.

2. Remove dust and condition ware, using dampened sponge.

3. Trace design on all pieces, using carbon paper and pencil. Enlarge design or make smaller depending on what piece of ware you are working on.

4. Outline design on all pieces with FD 254 Black Licorice. Add dots. Let dry completely.

5. Pour out a puddle of CN 181 Light Kiwi on foil paper. Apply 3 coats to some sections of all pieces, using SB 812 #10 Round. Let dry between coats. Refer to photo for color placement

6. Repeat step 5 process, using CN 142 Bright Aqua, CN 292 Bright Purple, CN 022 Bright Saffron and CN 052 Bright Tangerine using SB 812 #10 Round until all pieces are complete.

7. When pieces are completely dry, apply 2 coats of GL 612 Diamond Clear Glaze on front and back, using SB 807 #6 Fan Glaze. Let dry between coats OR

Dip the ware, if desired using Duncan’s Dipping Glaze of choice.

8. Let dry. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • DM 2113 8 ½” Cereal Bowl
  • Utility Sponge
  • DM 2013 Charger Plate
  • Carbon Paper
  • DM 2110 11” Dinner Plate
  • DM 2108 Cappuccino Mug
  • DM 2111 8 ½” Lunch Plate
  • Foil Paper
  • Pencil