Picture of Small Star Plate

Small Star Plate


1. To clean greenware align design on piece. Place the transfer paper underneath the pattern and transfer onto the piece using the ballpoint pen or carefully sketch design onto plate using pencil.

2. Apply 3 coats of CC 101 Arctic White to main petals.

3. Apply 3 coats of CC 152 Peach to highlight shade overlaps with Peach, corner load.

4. Apply 3 coats of CC 193 Hunter Green to each section between points of star.

5. Apply CC 153 Avocado to center of flower and large circle.

6. Using end of brush apply dots with CC 143 Yellow Orange and CC 186 Tomato Red.

7. Use EZ 012 Black for all outlining.

8. Fire to cone 04.

9. Apply 2 coats GL 612 Clear.

10. Allow the piece to dry thoroughly. Stilt the piece and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Pencil or ballpoint pen
  • Duncan Mold, Star Plate, Small DM 2366
  • Clay Carbon