Picture of Salsa Bowl

Salsa Bowl


1. Clean greenware and fire to shelf cone 04.

2. Using SB 807 #6 Fan Glaze apply 3 coats of SN 352 White to bowl. Let dry.

3. Trace or sketch "Salsa" onto ware.

4. Place bowl on banding wheel and center.

5. Using the Round band stripes of various colors onto outside of bowl. Let dry.

6. Load SB 807 #6 Fan Glaze with various colors and splatter the inside of bowl.

7. Using the Round apply 3 coats of CN 072 Bright Scarlet to lettering on bowl.

8. Using SB 802 #1 Liner and CN 253 Dark Black, add shadow strokes to one side of lettering.

9. Load the SB 805 #8 Shader with CN 072 Bright Scarlet and add border strokes to rim of bowl.

10. Let dry, stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Banding wheel
  • Pencil
  • Duncan Mold, Deep Bowls DM 2350