Picture of Plaid Designer Egg

Plaid Designer Egg


1. Clean greenware and fire to shelf cone 04.

2. Use the TB 735 ½” Oval Wash Mop to apply two (2) coats of OS 444 Light Pink to egg.

3. When dry, create plaid as follows:
For ½” wide plaid use the TB 705 No 6 Shader and a mixture of OS 444 Light Pink and OS 432 Ivory 1:1.

The ¼” wide plaid again use the Shader and OS 442 Oriental Flesh.

For lines in plaid, use the TB 727 No 1 Liner and the following colors separately:
OS 456 Baby Blue
OS 556 Lemon Grass
OS 558 Miami Pink

4. When dry, use a pencil and transfer paper to transfer pattern to piece.

5. Use the TB 705 No 6 Shader loaded with OS 556 Lemon Grass and side loaded with OS 463 Medium Green to pull in scrolls. Start at the outer edge and pull towards flowers using a comma stroke.

6. Add detail to scrolls with OS 466 Avocado and the TB 727 No 1 Liner.

7. Leaves are completed with the TB 730 No 5 Round loaded as in step 6. Pull strokes from base to tip of leaves. Detail with the Liner and OS 466 Avocado.

8. Base coat the roses with OS 558 Miami Pink and the TB 705 No 6 Shader. Two (2) coats will be necessary.

9. When dry, load the Shader with water and pull out excess moisture on rim of water bowl. Pull one corner of brush through OS 483 Real Red and blend color to soften. Keeping the corner of the brush with the color to bottom edge of rose, apply a float stroke for shading. Repeat stroke at top of rose for center of flower.

10. Load the TB 730 No 5 Round with OS 432 Ivory and pull in comma stroke accents to front of rose. The spiral over the center is done with Ivory and the TB 727 No 1 Liner.

11. Let piece dry for 24 hours and spray seal with 2-3 light coats of SS 332 Clear Matte.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Duncan Mold, Designer Egg (DM 2332)
  • Pencil
  • Clay Carbon Paper