Picture of Picnic Ant Charger

Picnic Ant Charger


1. Clean greenware and fire to shelf cone 04.

2. Transfer pattern to ware. Using ruler mark off checked border with pencil.

3. Load the SB 806 No 6 Round with CN 073 Dark Scarlet and apply two (2) coats to alternating checks on rim, cherry and pimento in olive.

4. Using Round apply two (2) coats of CN 172 Bright Kelp to olive and leaf on cherry.

5. With same brush apply two (2) coats of CN 232 Bright Briarwood to cherry stem and chocolate candy.

6. Apply two (2) coats of FD 258 Pure White to popcorn and add accents of CN 013 Dark Straw for butter with the round.

7. The ant is two (2) coats of CN 253 Dark Black applied with the Round.

8. Load the SB 802 No 1 Liner with CN 253 Dark Black and detail entire design.

9. When dry, dip piece in CN 2000D Clear Dipping.

10. Let dry, stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Clay Carbon paper
  • Ruler
  • Duncan Mold, Charger Plate (DM 2013)
  • Pencil