Picture of Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

Whether you’re serving a savory snack or sprucing up your surroundings, the Duncan® Oh Four® Harmony Ware Dinner Plates work in perfect harmony! Decorate them in happy hues of Honeysuckle from Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for a project that’s perfectly synchronized and pretty in pink!


1.Lightly wipe ware with a damp sponge to remove any bisque dust.

2.Place clay carbon paper on one of the dishes with pattern on top. Trace over pattern with pen to transfer design onto dish. Repeat on other dish.

3.Condition No. 1 Liner with Brush Cleaner. Load with Mask ‘n Peel® and brush onto the entire flower on one plate. Let dry completely and thoroughly clean brush with Brush Cleaner. Do not reuse brush to apply color; brush should only be used to apply Mask ‘n Peel® in the future.

4.Using the Fan Glaze brush, apply three flowing coats of Dark Honeysuckle to the entire masked plate, allowing the color to dry thoroughly between the first two coats. After the third coat has been applied and loses its sheen, carefully remove the mask before the entire piece dries. Carefully clean up any rough edges around the mask.

5.Using a different No. 1 Liner or the No. 6 Round, apply three flowing coats of Dark Honeysuckle to the flower design on the second plate, allowing the color to dry thoroughly between coats. Clean up any misplaced color with a damp brush.

6.Using the Fan Glaze brush, apply one flowing coat of Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze to the unpainted flower on the Dark Honeysuckle plate. Let dry and add a second coat to the entire plate.

7.Apply two coats of Pure Brilliance® to the second plate with the Dark Honeysuckle flower, letting dry between coats.

8.Stilt and fire to witness cone 06.

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Posted by Suzie Shinseki

Suzie works as a Senior Designer at iLoveToCreate®. She has been involved with art since childhood, and her passion has continued throughout her life. She honed her natural talents by attending the Academy of Arts in San Francisco on scholarship, art classes at San Jose City College. She works with various media and substrates. You can find her masterpieces on painted signs, murals, people and animal portraiture, mold design, sculptures, ceramic projects and fabric paint designs. Her commercial endeavors include children’s coloring books, illustrative designs for bags, brochures and cards. Her exceptional illustration skills have brought her many jobs as a fashion illustrator for designers in Hong Kong and Hawaii.

What you need:


  • Clay carbon paper
  • Pen
  • Foil or foam plate for palette
  • Container for water
  • Potter’s sponge