Picture of Pastel Unicorn Bank

Pastel Unicorn Bank


For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.

  1. Remove rubber stopper at bottom of bank.
  2. Use dampened sponge to remove bisque dust from ware.
  3. Place tape across coin slot on head.
  4. Pour some Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze in hole and roll around to coat inside bank.
  5. Pour out excess glaze into clean container.
  6. Brush 3 good coats of Marshmallow to horse’s head including eyes, ears and horn. Leave mane unpainted. Dry.
  7. Brush 3 good coats of Blushing, Moonlight and Baby Blues to mane. Dry.
  8. Pour a small amount of EZ Navaho Turquoise and Black on palette.
  9. Lightly pencil in eye and pupil.
  10. Use liner brush and carefully paint the iris with diluted Turquoise.
  11. Paint in pupil with Black leaving a small white spot for highlight.
  12. Outline upper area of eye opening and paint fine eyelashes. Dry.
  13. Dilute some Navaho Turquoise on palette, and using fine brush outline blue section to define mane. Dry.
  14. Stilt unicorn on kiln shelf and fire to Cone 06.
  15. Use liner brush to paint thin line of Gold across horn. Embellish unicorn with Gold stars as desired. Dry.
  16. Stilt unicorn and fire to Cone 018.

*Work with adequate ventilation when working with Fired Gold and use same brush only for gold application.

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