Picture of Neon Brights Free Form Vases

Neon Brights Free Form Vases

Neon Blue and Neon Green Concepts® wrap these playful free form vases in super-impact nature colors for contemporary florals and eyecatching displays.


1.  Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove any dust.
2.  Use pencil to lightly draw wavy lines on each vase.
3.  Short Vase: Thin Neon Blue with water to a milk consistency. Pour thinned Neon Blue inside vase and roll around to evenly coat the inside. Pour excess out. Use Fan Glaze brush to pull color up and over rim, adding more color to rim if needed. Wipe away any drips with damp sponge. Let dry.
Tall Vase: Use same technique to thin and roll Neon Green inside vase and coat rim. Let dry.
4.  Thin Clear Glaze to a milk consistency and roll inside each vase. Pour out excess and wipe away any drips with damp sponge. Let dry.
5.  Use Round brush to apply 3 coats of each following color to specified areas. Let dry after each coat.
Neon Green: outside of short vase (except lower band) and band on tall vase.
Neon Blue: outside of tall vase (except center band) and band on short vase.
6.  Use Liner brush with 2 coats of Dark Black to outline wavy bands. Let dry.
7.  Dip end of Fan Glaze brush handle in Really White and touch to ware to create dots here and there on top section of short vase. Reload handle for each dot. Also create dots in green band on tall vase. Let dry.
8.  Use Fan Glaze brush to apply 1 thin coat coat of Clear to outside of each vase. Let dry.
9.  Stilt and glaze fire to shelf cone 06.

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What you need:


  • Aluminum foil
  • Sponge