Picture of Mythical and Magical Creature

Mythical and Magical Creature

This legendary beast is associated with all things magical. This unicorn awaits your magical creativity to bring it to its beautiful life using Duncan® Concepts® colors. 


1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Trace pattern onto back of unicorn.

3. Apply three coats Dark Honeysuckle to unicorn’s body, avoiding saddle area. Let dry.

4. Use three coats Dark Delft to paint hooves. Let dry.

5. To center area on saddle apply three coats Dark Grape. Let dry.

6. To next section apply three coats of Light Kiwi. Let dry.

7. To scallops apply three coats Dark Delft. Let dry.

8. To horn apply two coats Really White. Let dry.

9. To base of piece (grass area) apply three coats Kiwi Sprinkles. Let dry.

10. After using sprinkles, rinse brush in fabric softener to remove sprinkles from brush.

11. To paint the tail and mane, load brush with Bright Caribbean and tip in Dark Grape. Start stroke closest to body and pull down, reload brush as needed.  Apply a second coat. Let dry.

12. Paint unicorn’s mane the same way and hair above hooves. Let dry.

13. To eye area, remove any Honeysuckle color, then apply two coats Really White. Let dry.

14. Apply Black dot in center of eye.

15. With Liner and Black thinned to the consistency of ink, outline eye. Let dry.

16. With Really White add a highlight in eye. Let dry.

17. Paint Really White dots around the center areas of saddle. Let dry.

18. On the Light Kiwi area, using a stylus and Dark Delft, paint centers of flower. Let dry.

19. Then with stylus and Dark Grape, add five dots around each center dot creating a flower. Let dry.

20. To scalloped area, place a large Really White dot in center. Let dry.

21. Place dots using Dark Delft around the bottom of each scallop. Let dry.

22. Apply one coat Pure Brilliance over the entire piece. Let dry.

23. Stilt and fire to cone 06.

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Posted by Arlene Smith

Arlene’s credits her mother for getting her “hooked” on ceramics at the ripe old age of nine! At the age of ten she made a porcelain laced draped doll, which she still has and cherishes today. In 1992 she became a Duncan Certified Teacher and together with her husband opened Arlene Smith’s Classy Ceramics. In 1995 she became a Duncan Ambassador giving her the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, visit some great places and she hopes leave an everlasting impression of her love for the ceramic industry.After closing her ceramics studio in 2003, she decided to focus on her true love of teaching ceramics, which she finds extremely rewarding. “It is a great moment to see the expression of amazement, pride and accomplishment on students’ faces when they see their finished pieces. I always have two objectives when I teach. One is to ensure that the student is learning and the second is to make sure they have fun while learning,” she says.Arlene has traveled throughout the USA, Canada, England and Australia teaching ceramics.She also has been a guest speaker and/or instructor at many ceramic events.

What you need:


  • Disposable foam plate for paint palette
  • Paper towels
  • Pencil
  • Potter's sponge
  • Container for water
  • Fabric softener