Picture of Mosaic Snowman

Mosaic Snowman


1.  Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove any dust.

2.  Trace pattern on plate with clay carbon and pencil.

3.  Dampen the No. 4 Liner brush with Brush Cleaner and squeeze out excess before loading with Wax Resist (this will protect the brush). Apply 1 good coat of Wax Resist to mosaic lines, snow circles and snowflake sprig on hat. Allow Wax Resist to dry thoroughly before proceeding. Clean brush.

4.  Pour a puddle of each Concepts color on separate areas of foil. Use No. 4 and No. 8 brushes as needed to apply 3 coats of each color to following areas (let dry after each coat):
Dark Black: hat, eyes, mouth.
Bright Wine: star on hat; use one thin coat to create blush on cheeks.
Bright Purple: bowtie.
Bright Papaya: nose.
Light Nautical: background and back of plate (leave face unpainted).

5.  Outline snowman’s face, nose and bowtie with No. 1 Liner brush and Cobalt Jet Black. Gently remove excess color from resist areas with a dampened sponge before firing.

6.  Stilt and glaze fire to shelf cone 06.

7.  Apply 2 coats of Clear Glaze with Fan Glaze brush completely over plate. Let dry after each coat.

8.  Stilt and glaze fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by Frances Sandoval

What you need:


  • Clay carbon
  • Pencil
  • Sponge
  • Aluminum foil