Picture of Modern Edge Geometric Bowls

Modern Edge Geometric Bowls

Give your surroundings modern edge with faceted shaped bisque like these Geometric Bowls! Covered in muted Duncan® True Matte Pastels™ and shiny gold accents, these bowls will look good serving food or serving as decor for other rooms in your house.

  1. Wipe both bowls with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.
  2. SMALL BOWL:  Brush three coats Blushing to every other section of bowl (do not paint the thin sections. Let dry.
  3. Brush three coats Rainy Day to the remaining larger sections. Let dry.
  4. Brush three coats Marshmallow to the thin sections between the painted ones and to the base of bowl. Let dry.
  5. Brush three coats Marshmallow to inside of bowl. Let dry.
  6. Repeat Steps 2-5 for larger bowl. 
  7. Stilt bowls on kiln shelf and fire to cone 06.
  8. PAINTING WITH GOLD:  Work in well-ventilated area.
  9. Pour a small amount of Gold on foil or small ceramic dish. 
  10. Use a very clean Liner brush and paint thin lines going across the thin white sections between Rainy Day and Blushing. Repeat in all but one remaining section.
  11. Brush the final white section in solid gold. Let dry.
  12. Stilt both bowls on kiln shelf and fire to cone 018.

 For clean up, dip brushes into Essence and wipe well with paper towel. Keep same brushes ONLY for painting gold.

HINT: If purple smudging appears on fired ware, use GOLDOFF® to remove. 


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Posted by Suzie Shinseki

Suzie works as a Senior Designer at iLoveToCreate®. She has been involved with art since childhood, and her passion has continued throughout her life. She honed her natural talents by attending the Academy of Arts in San Francisco on scholarship, art classes at San Jose City College. She works with various media and substrates. You can find her masterpieces on painted signs, murals, people and animal portraiture, mold design, sculptures, ceramic projects and fabric paint designs. Her commercial endeavors include children’s coloring books, illustrative designs for bags, brochures and cards. Her exceptional illustration skills have brought her many jobs as a fashion illustrator for designers in Hong Kong and Hawaii.

What you need:


  • Potter's sponge
  • Container for water
  • Foil or foam plate for palette
  • Paper towels
  • Foil or small ceramic dish