Picture of Menorah Hexagon Plate

Menorah Hexagon Plate


1. Clean greenware and fire to shelf cone 04.

2. Use pencil and clay carbon to transfer pattern to ware.

3. Use the SB 808 No 4 Round to apply two (2) coats of the following colors to candles starting from outside candles and working toward center candle in order that colors are listed:
CN 291 Light Purple
CN 261 Light Grape
CN 101 Light Heather
CN 111 Light Delft
CN 121 Light Nautical

4. To all flames apply CN 012 Bright Straw with the SB 802 No 1 Liner and accents with CN 042 Bright Papaya.

5. Use the Round; apply two (2) coats of CN 012 Bright Straw to one band of the star and CN 022 Bright Saffron to the remaining band of star.

6. Apply two (2) coats of CN 253 Dark Black to menorah with the Round. With same color detail entire design with the Liner. Also apply the same color to rim of plate.

7. When dry, dip piece in CN 2000D Clear Dipping.

8. Let dry, stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Pencil
  • Clay Carbon
  • Duncan Mold, Geometrix Hexagon Plate (DM 2274)