Picture of Italian Wreath Dish

Italian Wreath Dish

Bold graphic brushwork and three Concepts® colors make an impressive serving piece!


1. Place the piece on the banding wheel. Thin CN 123 Dark Nautical with water. Using the No. 4 liner brush, band the edges and rings with CN 123 Dark Nautical as desired.

2. Dilute the food color with water. Divide the dish rim into 16 equal sections. Dip the No. 1 liner brush in the diluted food color and mark each of the 16 sections with a continual brushstroke from the inner to the outer edge of the rim.

3. Place the transfer paper underneath the pattern and transfer onto the piece using the pencil. Overlap the tulip shapes within the sections.

4. Load the No. 8 round brush with CN 043 Dark Papaya. Pull thickly loaded strokes overlapping from the base of the tulip into each petal. Repeat this process if you apply the paint too thin.

5. Load the No. 8 round brush with CN 022 Bright Saffron. Pull thickly loaded strokes from the tips of the tulip petals down over the dark strokes. Repeat this process for depth.

6. Load the No. 1 liner brush with CN 123 Dark Nautical. Apply to all of the petals. Add gathering strokes to the base of the tulips.

7. Allow the piece to dry thoroughly. Dip in CN 2000D Clear Dipping Glaze.

8. Allow the piece to dry. Stilt the piece and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Clay Carbon
  • Banding wheel
  • Duncan Mold, Italian Dish DM 2339
  • Pencil
  • Dipping tank
  • Food color