Picture of Ice Cream Sundae Cup

Ice Cream Sundae Cup

This super cute ice cream sundae cup is the perfect setting for your next frozen treat. When you add accents like melted ice cream and sprinkles using Duncan colors, nothing can be sweeter!

For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.


  1. Wipe cup with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.
  2. Freehand soda drips spilling from top of cup lightly with pencil.
  3. Brush three coats Really White Sprinkles to inside cup and to spill overs. Let dry.
  4. Brush three coats Light Wine to remainder of cup including bottom. Let dry.
  5. Squeeze dots of the French Dimensions colors randomly on the spill over. Let dry.
  6. Stilt cup on kiln shelf and fire to cone 06.
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What you need:


  • Potter’s sponge
  • Container for water
  • Clean plate for palette
  • Pencil