Picture of How'd You Do That? Photo Transfer Plate

How'd You Do That? Photo Transfer Plate

It’s simpler than you might think to create a realistic-looking image on a ceramic plate. You’ll have friends and family impressed by your work; and it’s up to you whether or not you tell them how easy it was! Follow these steps and watch your photo come to life on a permanent keepsake that will be treasured for generations!


*Note: Select desired Concepts Underglazes colors of choice to match photo of choice. Use Concepts Black for detail work.

1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

2. Choose digital photograph you’d like to transfer. Using your photo editing software, adjust the size to approximately 8” x 8”.

3. Apply the “cartoon” or “posterize” filter to accentuate the dark lines in the image. This will also soften the colors and the detail.

4. Print out the image onto copy paper.

5. Place a piece of clay carbon paper face down on your bisque. Lay the image over it.

6. Using ballpoint pen, trace around all of the black areas of the image. This will transfer onto the bisque as you draw.

7. Lift up the papers and confirm all of the lines have transferred.

8. Pour some Black into a squeeze bottle.

9. Using the squeeze bottle, carefully fill in the shapes you just traced with Black, using your original printed out photo as a guide. Let dry completely.

10. Using a paintbrush, paint three coats Concepts in colors that match the rest of your photograph. Let dry.

11. Using a potter’s sponge, gently sponge on one coat of Pure Brilliance over the top of the plate. Let dry.

12. Using the BR 576 ¾” Premium Glaze brush, apply 2 coats Pure Brilliance to the bottom of the plate and one more to the top of the plate.

13. Stilt and fire to cone 06.

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What you need:


  • Foil or foam plate for palette
  • Photoshop or other photo editing software
  • Computer and printer with copy paper
  • Potter's sponge
  • Clay carbon paper
  • Container for water
  • Photograph of your choice
  • Ballpoint pen