Picture of Hot Pepper Plate

Hot Pepper Plate

How hot is it? Fun Bistro-style checks surround the chili pepper fiesta platter, all painted with bright Concepts®.


1. Clean greenware and fire to shelf cone 04.

2. Using SB 807 #6 Fan Glaze apply 3 coats of SN 352 White to plate. Let dry.

3. Trace or sketch pattern onto ware.

4. Apply 3 coats of CN 012 Bright Straw, CN 043 Dark Papaya, CN 072 Bright Scarlet and CN 181 Light Kiwi to peppers. Use the SB 812 #10 Round.

5. Apply 3 coats of CN 182 Bright Kiwi to stems using the SB 802 #1 Liner.

6. Load the Round with color of your choice to add accent strokes for highlights on peppers 1 coat.

7. Using the Round apply 3 coats of CN 072 Bright Scarlet to lettering on plate.

8. Using SB 802 #1 Liner and CN 253 Dark Black, detail peppers with broken outlining and add shadow strokes to one side of lettering.

9. Load the SB 805 #8 Shader with CN 072 Bright Scarlet and add border strokes to rim of plate.

10. Let dry, stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Carbon Paper
  • Pencil
  • Duncan Mold, Mega Square Dish DM 2201