Picture of Hen Fluted Dinner Plate

Hen Fluted Dinner Plate

Cartoon colors and funky design give a new twist to this barnyard classic. Paint with bright, bold Concepts®, then create dimensional details with Pure White French Dimensions™.


1. Center design drawing in center of plate. With NCR paper and pen, trace design.

2. With SB 808 #4 Round brush, apply these colors:
CN 505 Neon Green on hen
CN 073 Dark Scarlet on comb and waddle
CN 501 Neon Yellow on beak
CN 503 Neon Chartreuse on small background
CN 502 Neon Blue on larger background behind hen and round circle of hen’s eye

3. With Fan Brush, apply CN 292 Bright Purple on plate around the hen design.

4. Using SB 812 #10 Round, apply CN 502 Neon Blue on rim of plate.

5. With Fan brush, apply two coats IN 1001 Clear Coat. Allow coats to dry in between.

6. Stilt and fire to cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Duncan Mold, Fluted Dinner Plate (DM 2356)
  • Clay Carbon paper
  • Pen