Picture of Grape Oil Jug

Grape Oil Jug

Create a vine-fresh decanter for your dining table or display counter. Concepts® colors are the perfect choice to show off your brushwork.


1. Place the piece on the banding wheel. Thin CN 022 Bright Saffron with water. Using the No. 4 liner, place bands of CN 022 Bright Saffron on the piece as desired, leaving space for the design. Refer to the photo as needed.

2. Place the transfer paper underneath the pattern and transfer onto the piece using the ballpoint pen.

3. Paint broad generous strokes to fill the leaf using the No. 8 round loaded with CN 181 Light Kiwi. Paint from the center vein to the outer edge of the leaf.

4. Add shadow strokes to the leaf using the No. 8 round loaded with CN 172 Bright Kelp, referring to the photo as needed.

5. Load the No. 8 round with CN 292 Bright Purple. Create the grapes by pushing the brush into the shape of a round circle and turning the handle. Allow the grapes to dry.

6. Side load the No. 8 round with CN 123 Dark Nautical and apply to the grapes to shade for definition.

7. Load the No. 4 liner with CN 232 Bright Briarwood. Apply to the piece to create rough, woody stems, connecting to some of the grapes.

8. Load the No. 1 liner with CN 253 Dark Black and casually outline the piece as desired.

9. Apply ā€œSā€ shaped swirls on the background in the open areas using the No. 1 liner loaded with CN 033 Dark Butternut.

10. Place dots as desired using the wooden end of the brush dipped in CN 123 Dark Nautical.

11. Allow the piece to dry thoroughly. Dip in CN 2000D Clear Dipping Glaze.

12. Allow the piece to dry. Stilt the piece and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Banding wheel
  • Pencil
  • Mold, jug or vase
  • Clay Carbon
  • Dipping tank