Picture of Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’

Help dad display his favorite fishing memory in a frame that’s just as special. Turn the Duncan® Oh Four® Picture Frame 2 into a watery work of art with Duncan® Satin Glazes® and E-Z Stroke® Translucent Underglazes.


  1. Wipe frame with a damp sponge to remove any bisque dust.
  2. Using the Fan Glaze brush, apply three flowing coats of White onto back of frame, letting dry between coats. Let dry.
  3. Brush two coats of White onto the front of frame, letting dry between coats. Let dry.
  4. Using the Fan Glaze brush, apply one coat of Ice Blue on the top section of frame (above picture opening) and the bottom section of frame (below picture opening).
  5. While the Ice Blue is wet, brush White on the sides of frame in between the Ice Blue sections, blending into the Ice Blue. Let dry.
  6. Place graphite paper on top of frame with pattern on top. Use pencil to trace over pattern to transfer design onto frame. NOTE: If graphite paper is unavailable, trace pattern onto tracing paper then flip tracing paper over and pencil over design lines on reverse side. Turn right side up, position on frame and pencil over design.
  7. Pour puddles of Leaf Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Royal Blue Green, Morning Glory and a small amount of Black on palette. Leave ample space between puddles.
  8. Dilute some of the Morning Glory to a very thin wash. Tip: Test wash on a piece of newspaper; if you can see the print through the wash, the color has been sufficiently diluted. Using the No. 10 Round, brush the Morning Glory wash across the sky area, leaving some white streaks for clouds. Add a few streaks of Morning Glory wash across the water as well. Let dry.
  9. Leave the splash under the fish white. Slightly dilute a little more of the Morning Glory (but not as diluted as previously done), then brush onto the bottom of the frame (the foreground of water). Let dry.
  10. Slightly dilute the Royal Blue Green and add some streaks of color in the foreground area, allowing the Morning Glory streaks to show through. Let dry.
  11. Using the No. 10 Round, dab some Leaf Green onto the trees in the background. Dab some below in the water also to create a reflection.
  12. Add a little bit of Black into the Leaf Green to darken and use the No. 4 Liner to dab along the base of the trees as well as small amounts in some areas of trees to create dimension.
  13. Use the No. 1 Liner loaded with this same Dark Green mixture to pull in a fine line of color to separate the water from land. Refer to photo.
  14. Paint in silhouette of fisherman with Black, using the Liner brushes as needed.
  15. Using the No. 10 Round, paint fish with Neon Yellow. Follow with a wash of Neon Orange on head and underbelly area. Refer to photo.
  16. Dilute some Black and use the No. 1 Liner to color in the fins, tail and top part of body. Detail and shadow with a little Black mixed into the colors. Detail around fins and open mouth with Neon Orange mixed with a little Black. Paint in pupil with Black and leave a small dot for highlight
  17. Use the No. 4 Liner to paint in “GONE FISHIN’” and “DAD” with Black.
  18. Use the No. 1 Liner brush to pull in fishing line attached to fish mouth and fisherman’s rod. Paint some birds in sky as shown. Let dry.
  19. Stilt in kiln and fire to witness cone 06.
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Posted by Suzie Shinseki

Suzie works as a Senior Designer at iLoveToCreate®. She has been involved with art since childhood, and her passion has continued throughout her life. She honed her natural talents by attending the Academy of Arts in San Francisco on scholarship, art classes at San Jose City College. She works with various media and substrates. You can find her masterpieces on painted signs, murals, people and animal portraiture, mold design, sculptures, ceramic projects and fabric paint designs. Her commercial endeavors include children’s coloring books, illustrative designs for bags, brochures and cards. Her exceptional illustration skills have brought her many jobs as a fashion illustrator for designers in Hong Kong and Hawaii.

What you need:


  • Pencil
  • Paper towels
  • Graphite paper
  • Newspaper
  • Potter’s sponge
  • Tracing paper (optional)
  • Foam plate for palette
  • Container for water