Picture of Fun in the Snow Tiered Set

Fun in the Snow Tiered Set

Bring snowtime cheer indoors with Duncan® Oh Four™ Bisque! This tiered set is perfect for serving up happy holiday treats when decorated in the muted sheen of Satin Glazes™ mixed with the fun of Fired Snow. We've even included our favorite Snow Cookies recipe just for you!


  1. Lightly wipe ware with damp sponge to remove any bisque dust.
  2. Pour needed amount of White into a plastic cup. Using the Fan Glaze brush, apply three flowing coats of White to all the pieces, allowing the glaze to dry between coats.
  3. Use pencil to trace polar bear patterns onto tissue paper. Place tissue paper onto plates and trace over patterns with fine-tip felt pen to transfer patterns onto plates. Note: Polar bear face pattern should be transferred onto salad plate and polar bear walking pattern should be transferred onto dinner plate.
  4. On a piece of foil, place a small amount of each of the following colors: Black, Midnight Blue, Neon Blue, Ice Blue and White.
  5. Using the No. 1 Liner, outline the bears with Black, applying a second coat to the large bear on salad plate and the underbellies of the bears on dinner plate.
  6. Using the No. 6 Round, thin an amount of Ice Blue with water and add washes of shading to the bear on salad plate around and inside the ears, top of head, sides of nose and sides of face. Add shading to the bears on dinner plate around the edges of bears, undersides of bellies and legs.
  7. Repeat the shading step with Neon Blue using the No. 6 Round and adding less color than the Ice Blue previously applied. Let dry.
  8. Thin a small amount of the Midnight Blue with water and use the No. 6 Round to add a very small amount of shading to the deepest areas on each bear. Refer to photo. Let dry.
  9. Slightly dampen the small silk sponge and load half with White and half with Ice Blue and gently sponge color onto the pedestals in a random fashion on each base. Sponge Ice Blue onto the two plates in the lighter areas of the plates. Refer to photo. Let dry.
  10. Continue sponging around designs on plates, loading the sponge half in Ice Blue and half in Neon Blue. Sponge a little more color onto the pedestals, creating a random mottled pattern on each, but leaving lots of white areas as well. Let dry.
  11. Load the sponge with Neon Blue and pounce more color into the darker areas of the background on plates. Let the color fade and blend into the Ice Blue. Refer to photo. Let dry.
  12. Lightly load the sponge with Midnight Blue and add a very light amount to the darkest Neon Blue sections on each plate’s background.
  13. Thoroughly stir the Fired Snow and place an amount on a clean piece of foil. Load sponge with Fired Snow and pounce onto one of the pedestals, sponging thicker in some areas on pedestal.
  14. Immediately after sponging on Fired Snow, choose a section with a thicker amount of Fired Snow to create the footprints. To create footprints, dip a finger tip into Midnight Blue and dot in the five toes and smudge prints together to create the foot pad. Use the No. 1 Liner to paint comma-shaped strokes above toes to create the toenails. Note: This step should be completed before Fired Snow dries.
  15. Repeat on second pedestal. Let dry.
  16. Stilt and fire to witness cone 06.
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Posted by Suzie Shinseki

Suzie works as a Senior Designer at iLoveToCreate®. She has been involved with art since childhood, and her passion has continued throughout her life. She honed her natural talents by attending the Academy of Arts in San Francisco on scholarship, art classes at San Jose City College. She works with various media and substrates. You can find her masterpieces on painted signs, murals, people and animal portraiture, mold design, sculptures, ceramic projects and fabric paint designs. Her commercial endeavors include children’s coloring books, illustrative designs for bags, brochures and cards. Her exceptional illustration skills have brought her many jobs as a fashion illustrator for designers in Hong Kong and Hawaii.

What you need:


  • Fine-tip felt pen
  • Tissue paper
  • Container for water
  • Foil
  • Foil
  • Plastic cup
  • Pencil
  • Small silk sponge
  • Potter’s sponge