Picture of Floral Dinner Plate

Floral Dinner Plate

Get high definition and intense colors with EZ Stroke™.


1. Clean greenware.

2. Using pencil and clay carbon transfer flowers in center of plate. Also divide rim in 8 sections.

3. Center ware on banding wheel. Thin EZ 074 Dark Navy to a milk consistency and band inner and outer rim of plate using the SB 803 No 4 Liner. Use 2-3 coats to make sure of good coverage.

4. Load SB 805 No 8 Shader with water and remove excess moisture on rim of water bowl. Load one side of the brush with EZ 034 Orange and tip the same corner with EZ 058 Poppy Orange. Blend colors to soften. Keeping the side of the brush with the color to the edge of flower petals, float color on some of the flowers using a “C” stroke.

5. Complete remaining flowers using the process as in step 4 except use the following colors, loading with the light color and tipping in the darker color:
EZ 031 Light Blue - EZ 074 Dark Navy
EZ 030 Rose - EZ 008 Ruby Red

6. Complete leaves by fully loading Shader with EZ 070 Olive Green and side loading with EZ 033 Ivy Green. Blend colors and keeping the darker color along outer edge of leaf, pull an “S” stroke from base to tip. Turn brush over and repeat for the other side of each leaf.

7. Load the SB 802 No 1 Liner with EZ 031 Light Blue. In alternating sections of rim, create crosshatched line sections.

8. In the remaining rim sections create sprays of press, pull and lift comma strokes with the SB 803 No 4 Liner loaded with EZ 074 Dark Navy. Start each spray with the longest stroke and taper remaining strokes slightly. Also add a few filler comma strokes around flowers to fill in background of center of plate.

9. Using the handle end of brush add dots of EZ 074 Dark Navy where crosshatched lines intersect and also sprays of descending sized dots along comma stroke sprays on border.

10. Load the SB 802 No 1 Liner with EZ 012 Cobalt Jet Black and detail flowers. Add dots of Black for center of flowers.

11. Fire piece to shelf cone 04.

12. Use the SB 807 No 6 Fan Glaze to apply two (2) coats of IN 1001 Clear to front and back of plate.

13. When dry, stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.
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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Banding Wheel
  • Clay Carbon paper
  • Pencil
  • Duncan mold, Designer 10 inch Dinner Plate (DM 775)