Picture of Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Add a touch of artistry to your home or office with the new Duncan Oh Four™ Tribal Vase with Handle. Cover this artsy, nature-inspired piece with the new Earth & Sky Series Crystals™ Glazes and Courtyard™ Art Glazes for a gallery worthy finish that’ll have you leaving the “ordinary” behind!


1. Lightly wipe ware with a damp sponge to remove any bisque dust.

2. Using a pencil, very lightly sketch large leaf shapes randomly around vase.

3. Thin an amount of Sand Glaze with water to a cream consistency and pour inside vase. Roll glaze around, completely coating inside of vase and pour out excess glaze. Wipe away any drips with damp sponge.

4. Thoroughly shake the French Dimensions™ Black Licorice. Use Black Licorice to outline the inside veins and outer edges each of each leaf. Let Black Licorice dry thoroughly before applying glaze.

5. Using either the No. 6 Round or the Fan Glaze brushes as needed, apply three flowing coats of Sand to the background area of vase. Let dry between coats.

6. Using the No. 6 Round brush, apply three flowing coats of Water Lily Marsh to one half of each leaf and Alpine Meadow to the other halves. Let dry between coats.

7. Stilt and fire to witness cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Pencil
  • Sponge
  • Water container