Picture of Envision & True Matte Planter w/Base

Envision & True Matte Planter w/Base

For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.

1. Wipe a damp sponge over entire bisque to remove dust and contaminants.

2. Lightly pencil your shape by tracing the monstera leaf pattern.

3. Paint 3 thick coats of Bluegrass inside the monstera leaf, drying in between each coat. Do not worry if a small amount of Bluegrass gets on the mug body. This leads to unique “blooms” during firing.

4. Paint 3 thick coats of Bluegrass to entire base, drying completely in between each coat.

5. Pour 3-4 ounces of Dusty Sage onto your palette. Pour 2-3 ounces of water in your cup. Slowly add water to the glaze while mixing with your palette knife. Add enough water to get the consistency of the glaze to a heavy cream. Commonly referred to as a scrub coat, this thin first coat lays down a great foundation for the following coats.

6. Using No. 6 Fan Glaze Brush apply the thinned Dusty Sage around the outside of the leaf, on the bottom, and inside of the mug. Utilize a cross-hatch stroke. Make fairly large ‘V’ strokes along the piece to minimize the appearance of your brush strokes.

7. Pour another 3-4 ounces of Dusty Sage and use the fan brush to apply a second then third coat to the mug with the same cross-hatch stroke. Thin with water if needed. Let fully dry between coats.

8. Do not clear glaze. Stilt both pieces independently and fire to cone 06. Dremel stilt marks.


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