Picture of Duncan Color Burst Crystal Chips Mid-Range Technique

Duncan Color Burst Crystal Chips Mid-Range Technique

Colors burst all over this hand-built leaf dish demonstrating that Duncan® Color Burst Crystal Chips work at both low and high kiln firings. So let your imagination soar and create from scratch a beautiful piece all your own.

  1. For each of the pieces, follow the general instructions, altering each for the fired color and Color Burst Chips as listed.
  2. Working with a mid-range white clay, roll out an approximate 3/8” slab, cut out a leaf shape, mark the veins, form the curl handle, roll the sides up and pinch the edges to make a scallop edge. Work quickly to shape the leaf as desired before the clay begins to set up, propping with small wads of paper towels to hold the edges up as the dish dries.
  3. After the clay has dried thoroughly, damp sponge any areas that need smoothing. Fire to cone 04.
  4. Using either the Fan Glaze Brush or the No. 6 Round as needed, apply two  flowing coats of the designated glaze to the leaf, allowing the glaze to dry thoroughly between coats. Apply glaze on the back side of the raised areas of the dish, but not to the bottom of the dish or the bottom of the stem curl where it will touch the kiln shelf. Use a damp sponge to remove any excess glaze.
  5. Place an amount of the Color Burst Crystals on a plate or in a bowl, pour out a small amount of glaze onto the foam plate or foil and mix in an amount of the Crystals. Using the No. 6 Round, load the glaze with crystals on the brush and apply to the raised sides of the leaf, lightly on the stem and bottom area of the leaf, moving the crystals around for the desired placement. A heavier concentration of crystals will cause more color intensity and movement from the crystals, a lighter or more spaced amount of crystals will create a more dotted pattern of crystal bursts, and larger crystal chunks will create a larger color burst and flow, as a small crystal will create a tiny color spot. Let dry thoroughly.
  6. Fire to cone 5 or 6.

 For each leaf as shown:

  1.      RG 704 Shino Cream; Crystals: All colors
  2.      RG 712 Smoked Cinnamon; Crystals: White Hot, Pitch Black
  3.      RG 705 Bronze Patina; Crystals: Green Thunder, Orange Blast
  4.      RG 721 Opal Luster; Crystals: Blue Surge, Purple Blaze
  5.      RG 717 Indigo; Crystals: White Hot, Red Eruption
  6.      RG 714 Pistachio Nut; Crystals: Pitch Black, Yellow Burst
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Posted by Michele Zulim

Michele Zulim has created fired art for more than 35 years, specializing in clay and ceramics along with porcelain, stoneware and glass. She currently owns and runs Watermarks Mosaics, creating mosaics for swimming pools and other surfaces using Duncan® fired products.

What you need:


  • Potter's sponge
  • Container for water
  • Foil or foam plate for palette
  • Rolling pin
  • Paper towels
  • Mid-range white clay