Picture of Chicks and Corn Dessert Plate

Chicks and Corn Dessert Plate

Let the laughs begin! This whimsical plate has all the elements for a fun party!


1. Align design of chicks and corn pattern on piece (04 bisque) as desired. Place the transfer paper underneath the pattern and transfer onto the piece using the ballpoint pen.

2. Using the #10 Round and the #1 Liner brush as needed, apply 3 coats to create chicks and corn, as follows, letting dry between coats:

CN 501 Neon Yellow: chicks and corn

CN 504 Neon Orange: beaks and feet

3. Apply 3 coats of CN 502 Neon Blue on plate.

4. Apply 3 coats of CN 292 Bright Purple to rim of plate.

5. Outline chicks and corn with FD 254 Black. Let dry.

6. Using Fan Brush apply 2 coats of IN 1001 Clear.

7. Allow the piece to dry thoroughly. Stilt the piece and fire to shelf cone 06.

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Posted by iLTC

What you need:


  • Pen
  • Clay Carbon paper
  • Duncan mold, Fluted Dessert Plate