Picture of Antiqued Snake Box

Antiqued Snake Box

Hold small treasures in this richly colored, collectible snake box. Oil-based Translucent Stains with the Antiquing Technique make it easy!


  1. Wipe ware with damp sponge to remove any dust.
  2. Use Flat Translucent brush to apply 1 coat of White inside box and lid.
  3. Antique outside of box as follows: place small amount of Black on a palette or piece of foil. Working with one area at a time, use Flat Translucent brush to apply 1 coat of Black to outside of both pieces, working color into all crevices. While color is still wet, use soft cloth, paper towel or sponge to wipe back color. Repeat until entire piece is complete. Let dry.
  4. Drybrush outside of box as follows: dip Round Opaque brush in Green. Brush color back and forth over paper towel, flat paper grocery sack or coffee filter until almost no color shows up on the paper. Dust the brush back and forth on detailed areas. Reload brush as needed. Use Medium Green to drybrush highlights on raised areas on snake’s body. Let dry.
  5. Use Liner brush to apply 1 coat of White to eyes, then paint in vertical line with Black for pupils.
  6. To protect ware, spray with 1 or 2 coats of Clear Matte Spray Sealer.


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