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Product Features
Kiln Required Yes
Cone Firing Range 06
Finish Satin
Coverage 3 coats
Food Safe Yes
Nontoxic Yes
Available Sizes 4 oz., assorted pints
Item # : 97010
  1. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.
  2. Apply 2-3 smooth, even coats. Note the Clear Satin is only 2 coats.
  3. Fire to shelf cone 06. 
  4. Clean up with water.

Over Underglazes - Clear Satin Glaze can be successfully used over opaque and translucent underglazes.

A desirable special effect can be achieved when Premium Gold or Bright Gold Overglaze is applied over a Satin Glaze. The gold has a burnished appearance rather than the bright glitter achieved over a gloss glaze.

Stenciling - Apply three coats of a Satin Glaze color to cone 04 bisque, then apply one coat of a contrasting Satin color through a stencil to create a design. Fire to cone 06.

Marbleizing Technique - Apply three flowing coats of desired Satin Glaze color to cone 04 bisque. Use a small silk sponge to apply two or three complementary Satin colors to ware. Load and tip a Liner brush in contrasting Satin colors and create veining, turning brush handle to create thick and thin lines. Fire to cone 06. If desired, trim with Premium Gold, Bright Gold or White Gold Overglaze.

Majolica Technique - Following label directions, apply two flowing coats of preferred Satin Glaze color to cone 04 bisque, then sketch a design over unfired glaze. Make a small fired test for the darker colors before beginning your project. Use wash-consistency E-Z Strokes to color design, and light cream-consistency E-Z Strokes for darker accents and detailing. Fire to cone 06.

Concepts - Concepts can be applied over three coats of a Satin Glaze. This means that you can paint glossy designs on Satin-glazed dinnerware items and band Concepts on Satin backgrounds. We recommend firing a test piece before decorating your piece.

Porcelain and Stoneware - Click here to view our Mid-Range Performance Index. Satins will fire shinier. 

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